Technology, Innovation and Trade Logistics
Science, Technology, Innovation and ICTs Trade Logistics Knowledge Development

The Division on Technology and Logistics (DTL) aims to enhance the economic development and competitiveness in developing countries - in particular Least Developed Countries - through efficient trade logistics services and transit transport systems; science, technology and innovation, including increased access to and sustainable use of information and communication technologies; and training and capacity-building programmes for local institutions.

The Division achieves this through analytical work, intergovernmental policy dialogue and the implementation of technical cooperation, training and capacity building programmes.

The Division consists of three Branches, hosts the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development and carries out ASYCUDA, UNCTAD´s largest technical cooperation programme.




28 January 2019Map sheds light on state of data protection around the globe
Flag of Bolivia
21 November 2018Bolivian river port offers landlocked nation alternative route to sea
05 July 2018Powerless fridge shows potential of ‘frugal innovation’
25 June 2018Ireland’s president lauds port managers programme
TDB 65th
08 June 2018Harness hi-tech for sustainable development, but get it right
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 Latest Publications

ASYCUDA Newsletter, June 2016 (UNCTAD/WEB/DTL/ASYCUDA/2016/1)
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