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Launch of the Least Developed Countries Report 2019
19 November 2019

Key Issues

The Least Developed Countries as a group are by far the most aid-dependent nations in the world countries.

The report will present new aspects of official development finance. Increasingly, official development funds are used to leverage private funds - through blended finance, or public-private partnerships, for example.

The number of players in external financing has increased, with emerging developing country donors, non-profit organizations, and private commercial sources entering the filed.

That increase has gone hand in hand with rising complexity of the financing system.

The report will probe the consequences of the shortage in investment that leads to structural changes, and the importance of countries themselves being in the driver's seat in managing and directing official financial flows, so as to prioritize structural transformation.

The Report is under embargo until
5 p.m. GMT on 19 November 2019
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