Commodity Price Bulletin

The Commodity Price Bulletin provides a monthly overview of the evolution of free-market commodity prices and price indices. All detailed data are available and downloadable on UNCTADstat.

The UNCTAD free-market commodity price index (FMCPI) is designed to measure the price movements of primary commodities exported by developing economies. The average prices for the commodity items used in the index are derived from a representative sample of monthly, weekly or daily spot-market quotations. These prices are collected from a variety sources.

There is no single, universal definition of primary commodities in terms of standard statistical (product) classifications. For the compilation of the FMCPI, primary commodities are defined as goods where all, or almost all, of the value-added during production has been generated by the primary sectors of the economy i.e. primary commodities are largely unprocessed or unrefined.

For more information on the methodological background to the FMCPI, see methodological note (UNCTAD/STAT/CPB/MN/1).

CPB methodological note 
Download the CPB methodological note 


Commodity Price Bulletin - June 2019 (UNCTAD/STAT/CPB/2019/7)
Commodity Price Bulletin - May 2019 (UNCTAD/STAT/CPB/2019/6)
Commodity Price Bulletin - April 2019 (UNCTAD/STAT/CPB/2019/5)
Commodity Price Bulletin - March 2019 (UNCTAD/STAT/CPB/2019/4)
Commodity Price Bulletin - May 2018 (UNCTAD/STAT/CPB/2018/3)
Commodity Price Bulletin - April 2018 (UNCTAD/STAT/CPB/2018/2)
Commodity Price Bulletin - March 2018 (UNCTAD/STAT/CPB/2018/1)

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