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Multi-year Expert Meeting on Promoting Economic Integration and Cooperation, fourth session
14 - 15 April 2016
Room XXVI, Palais des Nations

Key Issues


The fourth session of the Multi-year Expert Meeting will be held in accordance with the terms of reference approved by the Bureau of the Trade and Development Board.

The objective of this session is to discuss how to improve all forms of cooperation and partnership for trade and development with a view to accomplishing internationally agreed development goals.

In particular, it will focus on identifying how developing countries can collaboratively build capacity to weather economic crises, ensure macroeconomic stability and enhance long-term resilience in ways that generate inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

Timely and effective implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals by developing and transition economies warrants a supportive external economic environment.

However, the effects of the 2008 financial crisis and the ensuing recession on trade, financial flows, investment, official development assistance and migration continue to reverberate throughout the developing economies. Further, the recent decline in capital inflows, external earnings and fiscal revenues will threaten the development outlook for years to come.

These dynamics critically affect the capabilities of developing countries to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals, such as accelerating sustainable and inclusive growth, ending poverty, curbing hunger and disease, and building resilience.

An effective response to the challenges arising from recurrent global financial and economic crises requires not only comprehensive actions at the global level, but also increased cooperation among countries of the South.

This session of the multi-year expert meeting will explore these challenges and opportunities. It will focus in particular on how to improve macroeconomic management and economic performance in ways that promote the timely and effective achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals as follows: by sharing best practices and resources and ensuring policy coordination among developing countries, and making full use of existing policy space.

Experts from the private and public sectors are expected to bring to the meeting their own perspectives and to highlight specific issues in connection with their areas of expertise.

The meeting will be divided into three sessions, as follows:

  1. The opening session will explore how macroeconomic policies can build resilience in the short term, focusing on countercyclical monetary and fiscal policies, as well as financial policies designed to blunt the destabilizing effects of capital flows and counter external shocks. Measures at the national, regional and global levels will be analysed;

  2. The second session will explore how long-term policies for industrialization and diversification can enhance both macroeconomic stability and resilience and access the developmental promises of structural transformation. Best practices, and the constraints and opportunities posed by external economic and institutional environments will be key features of the discussion;

  3. The third session will draw on the lessons of the first two by examining the potential for different models of international cooperation to manage global economic crises and increase development capabilities in the long run, including traditional North-South cooperation, South-South cooperation and triangular partnership models. It will also explore how UNCTAD can promote such cooperation.


Contributions from Experts

Experts are encouraged to prepare and submit in advance brief papers related to their studies, findings and/or country experiences.

These papers will be made available at the meeting in the form and language in which they are received.


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