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National Validation Workshop on Trade Policy Framework for Namibia
24 May 2016
Windhoek, South Africa

Key Issues

​The Workshop is being organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Namibia and aims to validate the findings of Namibia's trade policy framework (TPF) undertaken by UNCTAD through multi-stakeholder consultation involving government, the private sector and other stakeholders

The TPF aims to help the country to, among other things diversify its exports and move away from overly dependence on one commodity, diamonds that has dominated its exports. This will include diversifying into agro-processing exports and increasing export markets at both international and regional level. With the decision of the African Union to implement the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement in 2017, Namibia's TPF comes at an opportune time to take advantage of the opportunities that will be offered by trade liberalization and creating a single African market to export different products and adding value to them.

UNCTAD implements a long-standing work programme on trade policy formulation and implementation, and trade negotiations. Under UN Development Account projects, UNCTAD assists countries in formulating development-oriented national trade policy frameworks with a particular emphasis on the imperative of creating productive capacities and employment, in support of countries' effects towards the achievement of SDGs.

Co-organized with:Ministry of Trade and Industry of Namibia
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