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Medium-Term Debt Strategy (MTDS) Training Workshop
06 - 10 February 2017
Room IX, Palais des Nations
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

The UNCTAD DMFAS Programme, in collaboration with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is organizing a Medium-Term Debt Strategy (MTDS) training workshop in Geneva, on 6-10 February 2017.

The objective is to train about 30 government officials mainly from Eastern and Central Asian countries in the identification and formulation of a preferred medium-term debt management strategy, using the World Bank/IMF MTDS tool. A medium term debt strategy’s objective is to achieve a composition of the government debt portfolio that captures the government’s preferences with regard to the cost-risk tradeoff.

The workshop will cover:

  1. The process involved in developing an MTDS

  2. Hand-on exercises using the Excel-based tool

By the end of the workshop, participants are expected to have a good understanding on what goes into developing a robust and sound MTDS.

Co-organized with:World Bank and International Monetary Fund
Sponsor / funding:Debt Management Facility
Karen Bihr, DMFAS Project Manager, DMFAS Programme, Debt and Development Finance Branch
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