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Research Seminar on Incentivizing Formalization of the Informal Sector: The Hybrid E-marketplace Stepladder
04 July 2017
12.30-13.30, Palais des Nations. Room IX
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

Incentivizing Formalization of the Informal Sector: The Hybrid E-marketplace Stepladder
by Marie Sicat (UNCTAD)

ditc-seminar-ecommerce-06062017-poster-450.jpgThis paper in progress
explores the possibility of leveraging e-commerce platforms such as e-marketplaces to incentivize formalization of informal micro and small enterprises. In many developing countries, the informal sector sector plays an important role in absorbing many of the unemployed who cannot be accommodated by the formal sector. But a large informal sector is problematic for many countries. Informal traders engage in unfair competition with formal businesses who are at a disadvantage. Governments often also want to better measure the scope of its economic activities which is difficult when there is a large informal sector. E-commerce experiences in a number of countries indicate that e-marketplaces can play a powerful role in tapping the entrepreneurial capacity of the informal sector and may potentially serve as one conduit for incentivizing informal micro and small businesses to formalize. The forthcoming paper will introduce the concept of the Hybrid E-marketplace Step Up Ladder, explore a framework and methodology for incentivizing formalization, and discuss parameters for empirical research to test the validity of the concept.

The UNCTAD Research Seminar Series
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Who may attend?

The seminar is open to everyone.

Invitees not in possession of a United Nations badge should register by sending an e-mail to: SeminarsResearchUNCTAD@unctad.org at least two days before the seminar.

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