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Measuring Exports of Digitally-delivered Services
16 April 2018
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

Facilitated by the increasing availability of information and communications technologies (ICTs) worldwide, international trade in services has witnessed fast growth over the past decade. Examples of such trade include various business and knowledge processes, computer services, system design and other services delivered over ICT networks. They are of strong and growing interest for both developing and developed countries, as they represent a strategic component of the digital economy. Currently these services are not well captured by official statistics.

In 2017, the Central Bank of Costa Rica, the Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics of the Ministry of Commerce of India, as well as the Thai Electronic Transactions Development Agency have pilot tested an enterprise questionnaire designed by UNCTAD to measure exports of services delivered over ICT networks. The questionnaire uses a definition previously developed by UNCTAD and approved by the United Nations Statistical Commission at its 47th session in 2016.

Previously, in 2016, the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis had been the first agency to use the definition proposed by UNCTAD in a statistical analysis of international trade in services that can be delivered digitally.

This session will be an opportunity to discuss lessons learned and good practices on measuring exports of services that are digitally-delivered (or ICT-enabled). National experts will be invited to share their views on how to improve statistics in this area. A summary report of the main findings and recommendations from the pilot surveys will be presented, to help enable the implementation of such surveys in other interested countries.
Moderator: Dr. Alexandre Barbosa, Head, Center of Studies for Information and Communications Technologies (CETIC.br)

Mr. Rigoberto Torres Mora, Chief of International Accounts, Macroeconomic Statistics Department, Central Bank of Costa Rica
Dr. Amitava Saha, Director in-charge of Services Trade Statistics Division, Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics, Ministry of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India
Ms. Jessica R. Nicholson, Senior Economist, Bureau of Economic Analysis, United States
Ms. Diana Korka, Economic Affairs Officer, ICT Policy Section, UNCTAD
Dr. Thierry Coulet, UNCTAD Consultant
Co-organized with:UNCTAD
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