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Field Mission: Toward an Oceans Economy and Trade Strategy for Costa Rica
12 - 13 March 2018
San José, Costa Rica

Key Issues

The Oceans Economy and Trade Strategy (OETS) project starts with a field mission in all beneficiary countries. During the field mission, UNCTAD's team of experts will undertake a preliminary data analysis and stakeholder mapping on the potential of ocean-based economic sectors and products. DOALOS experts will carry out the legal regulatory and governance mapping.
The field mission would also provide an opportunity to present the project to all relevant government agencies with competence in oceans related matters, gathering relevant data and source identification, and discussing the nature and structure of key ocean-based sectors to be selected for preliminary research under the assessment/formulation phase of the OETS project.
In the case of Costa Rica preliminary sectors selected for further research include the following:
Sectors selected for further research
(factsheets and legal analyses)​
Specific issues of interest as identified by Costa Rica​
​Sustainable marine fisheries (all fish except tuna)
​• Improvement of fish stocks management systems
• Improvement of monitoring, verification and control systems
• Value of sustainability certifications/standards
Sustainable wild tuna harvesting/fishing sector (only ton species)​
​• Options for modernization of capital/operational inputs
• Improvement of monitoring, verification and control systems in fleets
• Compliance with sustainability requirements
​Sustainable Crustacean aquaculture ​• Development of cultivated shrimp projects with a sustainability approach
• Direction for vulnerable populations of the North Slope and to coastal populations of the Gulf of Nicoya
• Value of sustainable aquaculture certifications/standards
The seafood manufacturing sector​ ​• Export, marketing and labelling of Costa Rican seafood 
• Best practices for manufacturing
• Development of a local and international marketing strategy  and brands
• Value and use of sectoral and certification marks


Co-organized with:Office of Legal Affairs/Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea (OLA/DOALOS)
Mr. David Vivas Eugui david.vivaseugui@unctad.org
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