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Training Workshop - Trade Facilitation (Module I)
28 - 31 August 2018
Ministry of Commerce (MINCO) Palácio de Vidro, Largo 4 de Fevereiro 3
Luanda, Angola

Key Issues

​As part of the training activities of the EU-UNCTAD joint Programme of Support for Angola: Train for Trade II – a part of the Trade Support Project (ACOM) financed by the EU – the Trade Facilitation Component is a core element present in the project through UNCTAD's Empowerment Programme for National Trade Facilitation Committees (NTFCs).

The interactive approach, which the Trade Facilitation training is based on, looks at tackling these challenges and ensuring that Angola’s NTFC is in the best position to deliver the task they were assigned. In addition to introductory studies on economic development and trade facilitation, participants will undergo an intensive practical training on trade logistics and the developmental benefits of trade facilitation.

The course will cover policy and institutional issues related to the flow of goods across borders, the major challenges and tasks of the NTFCs, the precise understanding of TFA Articles, as well as TFA impact measurements, and other related issues. Participants to the course will contribute to the drafting of a national trade facilitation implementation strategy (roadmap).


Co-organized with:Government of Angola and European Union in Angola
Mr. Adelino Muxito
+244 921897959
Mr. Julian Fraga-Campos

Ms. Tamara Gregol
Related Sites:
Ministry of Commerce (MINCO) http://www.minco.gov.ao.

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For further information, see www.unctad.org/angola-trade.



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