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Entrepreneurship Policy Stakeholders’ Meeting
10 December 2018
10:00 - 12:00
Luanda, Angola

Key Issues

​As part of the activities of the EU-UNCTAD joint Programme of Support for Angola: Train for Trade II – a component of the Trade Support Project (ACOM) financed by the European Union, the design of initiatives and measures to promote entrepreneurship is a key element of UNCTAD's Empretec programme aimed at supporting the government of Angola to formulate an entrepreneurship strategy.

The kick-off and coordination meeting provides an opportunity for selected national stakeholders to understand the content and the process of implementation of UNCTAD’s Entrepreneurship Policy Framework (EPF), including based on UNCTAD’s experience in the application of the EPF in five countries (Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, The Gambia, and Tanzania). Angolan national stakeholders will receive information and guidance about the EPF methodology on how to design and implement a national entrepreneurship strategy and action plan through an interactive step-by-step approach.

Participants will be guided through the six pillars of UNCTAD’s EPF, which are:

  • Formulating National Entrepreneurship Strategy;
  • Optimizing the Regulatory Environment;
  • Enhancing Entrepreneurship Education and Skills Development;
  • Facilitating Technology Exchange and Innovation;
  • Improving Access to Finance; and
  • Promoting Awareness and Networking.

Key components in each area will be discussed, such as policy objectives, policy options, key indicators for monitoring progress, as well as issues of stakeholder coordination at national level.


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Co-organized with:Government of Angola, and the European Union in Angola
Sponsor / funding:European Union
Language(s):English; Portuguese;
Mr. Adelino Muxito

Mr. Lorenzo Tosini
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For further information, see www.unctad.org/angola-trade.


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