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Africa What's Up/Africa Magic: Festival Antigel
07 February 2019
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

This round table took place in an evening entitled ‘Africa, What’s Up? / Africa Magic’, as part of the Festiva Antigel, which brings together an African market, this round table, and a concert by the Angolan artist Pongo. It was organized jointly with the Antigel Festival, the Shap Shap Association and Afrodyssée.

The theme was entitle "The role and impact of African creation and entrepreneurship in North–South trade", and was moderated by Chayet Chienin (Nothing But The Wax).

The panel included:

  • Lodia Kpodzro, designer and founder of the Bazarapagne brand, from a family that has been producing textiles for several generations in Lomé (Togo).
  • Géraldine Zeuner, Director of the Culture Department, Directorate of Development and Cooperation (SDC) Knowledge Division.
  • Hortense Assaga, Journalist specialist on the African continent (Africa 24, Canal +), who is finishing a book on African crafts.
  • Carolina Quintana, Creative Economy Program, UNCTAD.
  • Chitra Radhakisun, Head of the Office of Ethics at WIPO.​
Co-organized with:Antigel Festival, the Shap Shap Association and Afrodyssée

Carolina Quintana Carolina.Quintana@unctad.org

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