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Trends in Global Biofuels Markets: Sustainability Policy and Trade
19 March 2013
Palais des Nations, Room XI
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

DITC-TED190313Poster.jpg​Building upon UNCTAD’s BioFuel initiative, this event is jointly organized by ICTSD, UNCTAD and SEI, and aims to bring together experts, countries and other interested parties to discuss recent developments in global biofuels markets, especially those concerning sustainability and trade.

The event shall also discuss the proposed changes in the EU policy for the sector, which plans to limit the participation of biofuels produced from food crops to a maximum of 5% of the initial goal of 10% renewable energy in European transport by 2020. Some food crops, particularly the oil-based crops, are estimated to increase GHG emissions through indirect land use change.

The meeting seeks to bring different perspectives on recent development trends in biofuels markets, including those of countries with established biofuel industries, as well as prospective producers and consumers in developed, developing and least developed countries.

In special, the event seeks to raise constructive views and proposals on how to reconcile biofuels expansion with food security, and environmental sustainability objectives, while at the same time allowing for technological progress to take place in a manner that does not exclude developing countries from this growing market.

In order to confirm your participation, kindly register online at http://goo.gl/G9tK2
contact Denis Omumbwa,
by phone on (022) 917 89 15,
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Co-organized with:International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
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