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Burundi Awareness Raising and Training Workshop
18 - 20 November 2009
Sun Safari Club
Bujumbura, Burundi

Key Issues

Agro Eco Louis Bolk Institute (AELBI) in collaboration with the Burundi Bureau of Standards and the UNEP-UNCTAD CBTF organized a national awareness raising workshop on 18 November 2009 as well as a two-day technical training workshop 19-20 November 2009 at the Sun Safari Club in Bujumbura, Burundi.

The objective of the workshop on the first day was to increase organic awareness in Burundi for food security and improved livelihoods, the later being through the development of the organic trade sector for national, regional and international markets. It mainly targeted government and civil society stakeholders. At the meeting, the production and market opportunities presented by organic production and trade as well as some of the technical issues related to organic promotion such as consitent policy support, organic standards and certification, production aspects and market entry requirements were be explained and discussed. The possibilty of establishing an organic movement or platform on which to develop the organic sector were also discussed.


The two-day training workshop looked at the more technical aspects of the topics covered within the awareness raising workshop. It was held in a participatory manner and built on participant knowledge and experience to increase their understanding of organic principles, practices, standards and trade. At the end of the workshop, this new knowledge was used by the participants to create a “Next Steps” proposal.


As a follow-up to the workshop, an Organic Proclamation will be added to the Next Speps proposal to support the organic sector in Burundi. Both documents will form the basis of the further actions within the secotr and the advance of the Burundi Organic Agriculture Movement.



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Co-organized with:Agro Eco Louis Bolk Institute (AELBI), Burundi Bureau of Standards, UNEP-UNCTAD CBTF
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