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UNCTAD Bioenergy session at the African Carbon Forum 2013
04 July 2013
Golf Hotel
Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Key Issues

Roundtable: Opportunities for bioenergy development in Africa
The creation of income opportunities and extension of access to modern energy services are among the fundamental pillars to enable human development in Africa. Promoting income and energy services without relying on fossil fuels has proven to be a challenge. In this context, the planned and sustainability-oriented uptake of bioenergy can benefit many countries in Africa.
The Bioenergy session of the African Carbon Forum 2013 addresses the bioenergy theme, covering its current and future linkages to global biofuels trade and human development in Africa. The session includes examples of African countries and experiences from UNCTAD's African Bioenergy Platform, highlighting evolving experiences in the sector.
Organized by UNCTAD, the roundtable counts with the participation of Dr.Semida Silveira, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden,  Dr. Charles Jumbe, University of Lilongwe in Malawi and Dr. Emmanuel Ackom from UNEP RISO center in Denmark.


Mr. Henrique Pacini
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