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Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Review: Thailand
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Threats, Weaknesses and Opportunities
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Policy Suggestions
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The Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Reviews prepared by UNCTAD aim to contribute to the development of national capacities in the field in order that national STI plans and programmes better contribute to development strategies and to improve the competitiveness of the productive sectors.

These reviews are intended to serve as an analytical instrument which examines a set of proposals from an external and neutral perspective, and to make some suggestions for action. They are not a rating mechanism.

The Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (STIP) Review of Thailand has three fundamental goals:

  1. To offer an up-to-date assessment of the framework conditions and interactions that characterize Thailand’s national innovation system.

  2. To provide a number of recommendations for strengthening policies and measures in order to improve national technological capabilities and encourage innovation.

  3. To offer more detailed assessments in two areas critical for Thailand’s development, namely supporting innovation in small-scale agriculture and promoting the development of human resources in STI.

An overall conclusion of this STIP Review is that Thailand has significant assets for innovation-driven economic growth and for inclusive and sustainable development.

Most of the needed measures involve fostering discipline and collaboration within the overall innovation system and among the actors concerned.

Decisive action and strategic reforms are required to ensure the long-term sustainability of Thailand’s social and economic development.



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