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Transformational Energy Access
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UNCTAD Policy Brief No. 55


While energy access has received ever-greater attention in recent years, this attention has focused overwhelmingly on the benefits to households of access to electricity to meet basic needs and on the social and environmental aspects of the issue.

The Least Developed Countries Report 2017: Transformational Energy Access addresses the role of energy in the structural transformation of the least developed countries, through transformational energy access, in order to meet energy needs for production as well as domestic purposes.

Transformational Energy Access

Key points:

  • Fulfilling the economic potential of increased access to modern energy in the least developed countries requires moving beyond a focus on minimal household needs, towards transformational energy access.

  • This entails meeting the energy needs of producers with regard to accessibility, scale, reliability, economic viability, affordability and efficiency.

  • Achieving transformational energy access requires a systemic approach in the energy sector, and the integration of energy strategies with development strategies.

  • Achieving transformational energy access also requires increased development finance and technology transfer to the energy sector.



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