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A Review of Competition Policy in Ethiopia
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The objective of this Report is to review the status of competition policy in Ethiopia.

At the request of the Ethiopian Government, the UNCTAD agreed to provide technical assistance to the Ethiopian competition authority, the Trade Competition and Consumer Protection Authority (TCCPA), in the implementation of the country’s new competition and consumer protection laws, under the Project for Strengthening Competition and Consumer Protection Enforcement Capacities in Ethiopia funded by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

In this Report, a review is undertaken of the historical, political, social and economic context of the Ethiopian nation and its people, market structure and conduct in terms of competition.

The following areas are covered:

  • Economic Reforms: the ongoing economic reforms in Ethiopia and their implications for competition policy, as well as their consideration of competition issues; the role of the TCCPA in the reform process; the place of competition issues within the broader macroeconomic policy framework of Ethiopia.

  • Market Access: the existence of market barriers to entry in the main sectors of the economy; identification of sectior in which the barriers occur, and the causes of the barriers.

  • Market Structure: determination of the competitiveness of the markets at present and in the future.

  • Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs): role played by SMEs in the economy and government policy measures towards the enterprises.

  • State Owned Enterprises (SOEs): government policy measures towards SOEs, and role of such enterprises.

  • Sector Regulators: sectors that are regulated; competition functions of sector regulators; relationship between sector regulators and the TCCPA.

  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs): interaction between IPRs and competition policy.



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