unctad.org | Human Rights Council side event - Geneva, 18 September 2018
Human Rights Council side event - Geneva, 18 September 2018
21 September 2018
Side event to the 39º Regular Session of the Human Rights Council organized by Ecuador on "The impacts of corruption in the full enjoyment of human rights at all levels".

The objective of this event was to provide some recent examples of good practices, progress and efforts by States, international organizations and other relevant stakeholders to link anti-corruption measures and human rights, including with a view to prevent and address the direct impacts of corruption on the full enjoyment of human rights.

The workshop aimed to develop a conceptual framework to help teachers and lecturers promote an improved understanding Civic Statistics, to prepare young people in Europe and beyond for responsible citizenship.

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Mr Steve MacFeely, Head of Statistics and Information at UNCTAD outlined the likely magnitudes of illicit financial flows and the most important sources for these flows. He also detailed a joint UNODC-UNCTAD-UNECA project to systematically measure the value of illicit financial flows in order to populate SDG indicator 16.4.1. Particular emphasis was placed on the importance agreed concepts and definitions for this statistical exercise. He also noted the important facilitation role of corruption for these flows, both illegal and illicit.


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