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Port managers in Tanzania complete next phase of training
21 August 2012
Twenty-one middle managers, including six women, from the port community completed their week-long training programme in Module 7 of UNCTAD's Modern Port Management course at the Tanzania Ports Authority in Dar es Salaam last Friday.

Module 7 focuses on explaining the legal environment in which the port operates, enabling participants to become familiar with legal and administrative aspects of managing ports, including learning about the legal obligations of a port authority, as well as the different international and national laws that govern the operating of a port.

The UNCTAD/TrainForTrade’s Modern Port Management course, consists of 8 Modules that cover the main aspects of managing a port today. The course is delivered over a 2-year period and represents around 240 hours of training, not including the work needed to research and draft the final dissertation.

In order to successfully complete the course and receive the UNCTAD Modern Port Management Certificate, each participant must pass the exams for all Modules and write a final dissertation (under the supervision of a mentor), which they must successfully defend before a panel of local and international port experts.

Participants and instructors at UNCTAD TrainForTrade Port Training in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (13-17 August 2012)


Since the UNCTAD/TrainForTrade Port Training Programme began in 1998, 840 middle managers from Africa, Asia and Latin America have successfully completed the course and obtained the UNCTAD Modern Port Management certificate, and 614 senior managers have been trained as trainers on the course content and teaching methodology.

The lead instructor of the course delivered in Dar es Salaam was Dr. Bénédicte Sage-Fuller, Law lecturer at Ireland's University College Cork.

She taught alongside:

  • Mr. Abel Ayubu Manase Moyo - Head of Planning & Shipping Section of Tanzania Ports Authority

  • Mr. Nelson Mlali – Principal Research Officer for Tanzania Ports Authority

  • Mr. Hebel Mwasenga – Principal Planning Officer for Tanzania Ports Authority

All three of the senior managers successfully completed the most recent TrainForTrade Training of Trainers workshop, held at the Port of Cork in May 2012.

In addition, the Tanzania Ports Authority arranged for Ms. Anna B. Kessy, senior legal officer, to attend all the classes and to provide support to the instructor.

Participants who pass the tests for Module 7 will be able to take part in Module 8 in October 2012. Upon completing Module 8, they will be required to turn in a first draft of the final dissertation. Their mentor will provide feedback before they turn in the final draft and defend their dissertation in front of a panel of international experts, scheduled for November 2012.


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