ISAR Honours 2021

ISAR Honurs 2021



At its 4th session in 2021, ISAR Honours received 40 nominations from 23 different countries. Since its first pilot edition in 2018, ISAR Honours has been progressing and the number of initiatives received has doubled.

The increasing interest towards ISAR Honours proves organizations’ commitment and efforts on enhancing the quality and comparability of companies’ reporting on their contribution to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and its usefulness for monitoring the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



UNCTAD announced recipients of the ISAR Honours 2021 at the 7th World Investment Forum on 19 October 2021. From the policy, institutional or capacity-building initiatives received this year the Review Committee has selected the top three national and international honourees. Additionally, a special nomination was proposed by UNCTAD at the national and international levels.

Nominations were submitted by private and public organizations of all sizes with a balanced representation of developed, developing countries, and economies in transition.


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“The UNCTAD secretariat would like to express appreciation to entities that took time and effort to provide their applications. We hope that the ISAR Honours becomes a useful means for Member States and other stakeholders for identifying, collecting, sharing and promoting good practices on enterprise reporting on sustainability and SDG issues from around the world.

The results of the project will also help to develop case studies on good practices; enhance stakeholder dialogue; and facilitate reporting by countries on the private sector contribution to the SDG implementation.”

James Zhan
Director of Investment and Enterprise Division


International Category

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

For the initiative “Assurance Internal Control

Value Balancing Alliance

For the initiative “VBA Impact Statement and Integrated Accounts

OECD Centre for Responsible Business Conduct

For the initiative “Understanding and measuring environmental and social impacts of business in global supply chains and the transboundary effects on the SDGs

National Category

FSR – Danish Auditors, Denmark

For the initiative “Partnering for Improved Sustainability Reporting Practice

Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPAR &ICPAK), Rwanda and Kenya

For the initiative “Financial Reporting Awards (FiReAwards)

The Southern African Institute For Business Accountants, South Africa

For the initiative “GCI Capacity Building for SMEs

Special Recognition

UNCTAD also gave special recognition to two additional initiatives, for national and international category respectively.


FBN- The Family Business Network International

For the initiative ”Family Business for Sustainable Development


Malaysian Sustainable Finance Initiative, Malaysia

For the initiative “MSFI