Building the capacities of Cambodia to upgrade and diversify its fish exports to meet international quality and safety standards

01 - 03 March 2016
Dara Airport Hotel
Phnom Penh
, Cambodia

Building on the policy lessons drawn from the recently held workshops in African LDCs, the workshop aims to explore ways and mean for upgrading and diversifying fishery exports of Cambodia by meeting international standards and related market requirements. It also seeks to assist the country in building institutional and human resources capacity to overcome the challenges posed by weak supply capacities and complex international food safety and quality standards on fish exports.

Cambodia is one of the LDCs that have huge potential in fishery resources. Already, the fisheries sector contributes approximately 10 per cent of the country's GDP, and about 40 per cent of the population is involved in some form of fisheries work. Cambodia is unable to take full advantage of its export potential, however, mainly due to international standards related to food safety and food quality. For instance, Cambodia is not currently included in the current EU list of countries (Annex II of decision 2006/766/EC) permitted to export fishery products to European market. Annex II lists those countries from which imports to the European market are permitted.  The fishing industry in Cambodia remains dominated by small-scale producers, and knowledge of meeting international hygiene and food safety standards remains a problem among many industry participants.
01 Mar 2016
Ministry of Cambodia
Sponsor / funding:
UNCTAD through Development Account resources

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