Competition week in Dominican Republic and Annual meeting of the Competition and Trade Working Group of Latin America and Caribbean

30 October - 03 November 2023
Hotel Catalonia
Santo Domingo
, Dominican Republic

During this Competition Week, UNCTAD is organizing and participating in various events co-organized with Procompetencia (national competition authority of the Dominican Republic) and SELA (Economic System for Latin America).

On 30 and 31 October, UNCTAD will organize a specific course on the application of competition law by the judiciary, aimed at the country's judges, in which topics of interest will be addressed such as:

  • economic analysis in the application of competition law
  • competition law,
  • the scope of judicial review and
  • the definition of the relevant market or the sanctions regime.

It will be a practical course in which specific cases of application of this right will be analyzed.

On November 1, Procompetencia will organize an International Competition Day in which UNCTAD will intervene in different events. On the one hand, UNCTAD will participate in the round tables on competition in public markets and competition advocacy. On the other hand, it will participate in promotional events that are being coordinated with various media outlets.

On November 2 and 3, UNCTAD will organize in collaboration with SELA, the annual meeting of the working group on trade and competition in which the situation of new technologies in financial markets (Fintech) will be analyzed.

Competition experts from the countries of the region and from Europe and the US will participate in these events.

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27 Oct 2023

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Procompetencia, SELA and UNCTAD
Sponsor / funding:
SELA, UNCTAD and Procompetencia

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