eTrade for Women masterclass for English-speaking African countries

eTrade for Women masterclass for English-speaking African countries
06 - 09 December 2022

The UNCTAD-led eTrade for Women initiative, in partnership with Damilola Olokesusi, founder and CEO of Shuttlers and an eTrade for Women advocate, will host a regional masterclass for English-speaking African countries under the theme "Scaling Up Women-Led Digital Businesses: An Opportunity for Africa’s Development”. 

This event will bring together women digital entrepreneurs who are shaping the digital ecosystem across the continent. 

What will the masterclass focus on? 

The masterclass will comprise four days of training, peer-learning, inspirational sessions and a policy-oriented session.  

Training sessions will help women digital entrepreneurs strengthen their skills to leverage digital solutions to grow their businesses. Participants will discuss concrete tools available to businesses to meet changing customer demands and become more competitive in their markets while making an impact in their communities. 

Inspirational sessions will allow participants to learn from and connect with more seasoned entrepreneurs from the region, who will share their experiences on how to overcome challenges such as cultural gender biases, lack of trust or limited access to finance.  

The event will also help participants better understand their policy contexts by engaging with key stakeholders in the digital economy at national and regional levels, to help entrepreneurs better assess business opportunities, adapt to their environment and become credible voices in Africa’s digital economy.   

Participants will also meet like-minded peers, interact and expand their networks.  After completing the masterclass, participants will be invited to join the eTrade for Women community of women entrepreneurs in English-speaking Africa. 

Who can participate? 

The masterclass is open to women digital entrepreneurs from the following countries: Cameroon, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda. 

Candidates must be a founder, co-founder or CEO of a digital business, an e-commerce store or a digital platform that has operated for at least two years. 

How to apply? 

To join, please apply here.

The UNCTAD eTrade for Women initiative 

The eTrade for Women initiative was launched by the United Nations in 2019 in partnership with eTrade for all. The initiative aims to empower women by combining the transformative power of female entrepreneurship with the positive impact of digital technologies. 

Sponsor / funding:
The Governments of Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland

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