eTrade for Women masterclass for Latin America and the Caribbean

eTrade for Women masterclass for Latin America and the Caribbean
25 - 28 April 2023
, Ecuador

We will host our first in-person eTrade for Women masterclass for women digital entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean under the theme: 'Scaling-Up Women-Led Digital Businesses: An Opportunity for Latin America and the Caribbean’.  

Addressing the gender digital divide 

While many SMEs are embracing the digital transformation across Latin America and the Caribbean, women entrepreneurs still face numerous obstacles to build a successful digital business. The Covid-19 pandemic has put into light the need to accelerate the digital transformation of the region and to address the gender digital divide.  

Against this backdrop, eTrade for Women invites women digital entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean to take part in a 4-day empowerment event to upgrade their skills to succeed in the digital economy. 

The masterclass is organized in collaboration with Ms. Pierangela Sierra, Founder of Tipti, and eTrade for Women Advocate. It will be held in Quito, Ecuador. 

What will the masterclass focus on? 

The Masterclass will combine a set of learning, inspirational and networking sessions. Sessions will cover critical aspects of how to develop and grow an online business.  

As part of the masterclass we will also host a Policy Dialogue where digital entrepreneurs and policymakers from the region will discuss how policies affecting e-commerce can help build a more inclusive digital economy in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

How to join?  

The masterclass is open to women entrepreneurs who are the founder of a digital business (e-commerce, e-learning, fintech, etc.) from the following countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela. 

Apply online 

The eTrade for Women initiative  

The eTrade for Women initiative was launched by the United Nations in 2019 in partnership with eTrade for all. It aims to empower women by combining the transformative power of female entrepreneurship with the positive impact of digital technologies.  

Sponsor / funding:
Governments of Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland

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