eTrade for Women Masterclass: The path to an inclusive digital economy – How to build a successful business for women digital entrepreneurs

26 - 27 October 2019
Skopje, North Macedonia

​The digital economy presents a vast potential field where women can drive change and bring prosperity to communities and societies.

Against this background, UNCTAD has launched a new initiative - eTrade for Women- which leverages the work and visibility of a selected group of leading women digital entrepreneurs from developing regions. This network of influential Advocates contributes to national and international policymaking dialogues, as well as to empowerment and skills-building activities targeting the next generation of women digital entrepreneurs.

In collaboration with the eTrade for Women Advocate in North Macedonia, H.E. Ms. Nina Angelovska, UNCTAD, the Ministry of Finance of North Macedonia and the E-commerce Macedonian Association are joining forces to organize the first regional Masterclass, to inspire and help other women digital entrepreneurs from 5 countries of the region. It will seek to ensure that women have a seat and a voice at the policymaking table for a more inclusive digital economy.

In short: The goal is to help women digital entrepreneurs to grow and be able to influence policy-making in relevant areas.

This Masterclass will help participants to:
● Enhance their readiness to both create and capture value in the market,
● As women leaders in e-commerce and the digital economy encourage other women digital entrepreneurs
● Be able to influence policies for building a more inclusive digital economy
● Learn and connect with partners and peers to foster a game-changing process in the region

The Masterclass is by invitation only. Participants have been selected according a set of criteria agreed upon by the 3 co-organizers.

24 Oct 2019
Ministry of Finance, North Macedonia; E-commerce Macedonian Association
Sponsor / funding:
The Kingdom of the Netherlands

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