Expert meeting to review the methodology to assess the Smart and Sustainable (SSP) status of ports

25 September 2023
10:00 - 17:00 hrs. Palais des Nations
, Switzerland

Expert group meeting to review the methodology to assess and determine the Smart and Sustainable (SSP) status of ports


As a component of the UNCTAD-led project "Sustainable smart ports for Africa", stakeholders from two beneficiary countries, Mauritius and Ghana, and relevant experts from international and private organizations convened on 25 September 2023 for a hybrid discussion on: project milestones, UNCTAD methodology review, as well as challenges and opportunities for African countries in the energy transition.


The purpose of this expert meeting was to:

  • Discuss and further refine the methodology prior to its endorsement at regional online workshops.
  • Enable the identification of areas of further methodological refinement and priority consideration for the application of the methodology in the three beneficiary countries.


Key questions addressed during the meeting:

  • Assessment of the overall objective: Does the methodology align with the objective of the rapid assessment aimed at facilitating the production and consumption of renewables within port facilities and operations?
  • Substantive issues: Do the substantive issues constitute a solid base to take stock of the current situation and undertake a gap analysis vis-a-vis the SSP development?
  • Methodological approach: Are the tools to gather information and collect data easily and realistically manageable? Are all relevant stakeholders covered?


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