First National Stakeholder Workshop. Republic of Moldova – National Green Export Review

07 September 2017
11:00 - 08:00 hrs.
, Republic of Moldova

​The transition to a greener development path is expected to make increasing contributions to economic growth, poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability. In this view, international trade can play an enabling role in facilitating the emergence of green sectors. It is in this perspective that UNCTAD and the Republic of Moldova have initiated a National Green Export Review (NGER). Link to National TV coverage


The First National Stakeholder Workshop of Moldova's NGER took place on 7 September in Chisinau. Jointly organized by UNCTAD and Moldova's Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, this event brought together representatives from government, private sector and academia to collectively review a range of promising green sectors. 

During the workshop, participants explored approaches to increase value added, diversify export markets, and boost production and exports of selected green goods and services. Several sectors/products were examined including sunflower oilseeds, cereals and grains, grapes and wine, fruits, walnuts, honey, electricity and water flow meters, and ecotourism. Discussions made due reference to national development plans and priorities, producers' needs and perspectives, and rural community livelihoods.
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In concluding the workshop, through focused working group discussions, stakeholders reached consensus on the selection of walnuts, honey and cereals as priority green sectors that will be further analyzed and supported in the framework of the NGER in the following months.

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Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Moldova

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Guvernul Republicii Moldova, Ministerul Economiei și Infrastructurii





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