Geneva presentation of the Financing for Sustainable Development Report 2023

Geneva presentation of the Financing for Sustainable Development Report 2023


26 June 2023
15:00 - 16:00 hrs. Room VIII, Palais des Nations
, Switzerland

The 2023 Financing for Sustainable Development Report was issued by the UN Secretary-General's Inter-Agency Task Force on Financing for Development. UNCTAD is one of the main stakeholders of the IATF and is a main contributor to the annual report, which finds that SDG financing needs are growing, but development financing is not keeping pace.

The war in Ukraine, sharp increases in food and energy prices, and rapidly tightening financial conditions have increased hunger and poverty and reversed progress on the SDGs. If left unaddressed, a “great finance divide” will translate into a lasting sustainable development divide.

Stakeholders must maintain a long-term focus on resilient and inclusive development, while addressing near-term crises. Delaying investment in sustainable transformations is not an option – not only because it would put the 2030 Agenda and climate targets out of reach, but also because it would exacerbate financing challenges down the line.

The world is at a crossroads. The international community must deliver on the outstanding promise of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, deliver sustainable transformations, and achieve the SDGs.

The Geneva presentation of the report will highlight the report's main messages and recent trends in sustainable development finance.

Pedro Manuel Moreno, Deputy-Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and Navid Hanif, Assistant-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs, will make opening remarks, followed by presentations from panellists.


  • Ms. Miho Shirotori, Head, Trading Systems, Services and Creative Economy, will intervene on trade as an engine for development
  • Ms. Daniela Prates, Senior Economist, Debt and Development Finance, will intervene on debt and debt sustainability
  • Mr. Ángel Gonzalez-Sanz, Head, Science, Technology and ICT, will intervene on science, technology and innovation and capacity-building
  • Ms. Amelia Santos-Paulino, Chief, Investment Issues, will intervene on domestic and international private business and finance

Attendees will be able to ask questions to the panellists after their presentations.

Financing sustainable transformations
05 Apr 2023
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