Global Services Forum 2021: Services-led transformation for post-pandemic recovery

Global Services Forum 2021: Services-led transformation for post-pandemic recovery
22 - 24 September 2021

The Global Services Forum (GSF) is a biennial Forum that has been linked to UNCTAD quadrennial conferences. UNCTAD launched the Global Services Forum at UNCTAD 13 in Doha (Qatar, 2012). Since then, the Forum took place in Beijing (China, 2013), at UNCTAD 14 in Nairobi (Kenya, 2016) and in Buenos Aires (Argentina, 2018). The Global Services Forum seeks to advance the development agenda linked to the services’ economy and trade and promote partnerships between stakeholders.

The 5th edition of the GSF addressed the role of services in structural transformation and diversification to reduce vulnerability to economic shocks and promote a more resilient post-pandemic recovery. The Global Services Forum 2021 aimed to increase awareness on these topics and identify policy options, strategies and partnership opportunities. This event contributed to the fifteenth session of the Ministerial Conference of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD 15) in October 2021, which theme was “From inequality and vulnerability to prosperity for all”.

The GSF brought together key relevant stakeholders from all regions - policy makers, business leaders, academics, coalitions of services industries and others – who shared their views and experiences on ways to unlock the development potential of services.

The co-organizers of the Global Services Forum 2021 issued a joint communiqué to invite UNCTAD to provide a platform within the GSF to promote dialogue, partnership prospects and other initiatives among the global services community. The platform will also focus on identifying opportunities and challenges for developing countries to use the transformative potential of services for diversification and post-pandemic recovery.

Download: Joint Communiqué

Download: Concept Note and Programme


Events in the Global Services Forum 2021

A series of events will take place in the Global Services Forum 2021, including:

This event is also supported with International Sign Language.





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