Grand Launching of Indonesia’s Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) Database: “Enhancing Industrial Competitiveness, Boosting Export Performance”

23 February 2023
09:00 - 12:30 hrs.
, Indonesia

Indonesia was among the first countries in Asia where comprehensive NTM data on all applicable regulations was collected. Together with the government of Indonesia, ERIA and UNCTAD collected NTMs for all ten ASEAN countries in 2015 and updated the data in 2018. The data has been published in a systematic manner and is easily accessible for policy makers, researchers and traders in TrainsOnline.  

The World Bank office in Indonesia together with the Government of Indonesia updated this information and widened the time coverage to include regulations that were in force before 2015 but no longer applicable in 2015. This makes the database a truly “panel data series” which allows researchers to assess the impact of NTMs at a much more detailed level than cross-section data do. The World Bank uses the established NTM Classification and NTM data collection approach and contributes greatly to the transparency in trade effort. A user manual describes the NTM data for Indonesia in detail. This updated data for Indonesia is available in TrainsOnline 

The continuous support and commitment of the Government of Indonesia is remarkable and a role model in supporting transparency. Transparency supports the importers and exporters and contributes to attracting investments. Furthermore, the data is useful also for internal and external regulatory cooperation and negotiation processes.  

Video keynote message by Ms. Miho Shirotori (Acting Director, Division of International Trade and Commodities, UNCTAD) is available in the recording part of the meeting. 

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21 Feb 2023

The World Bank, the Government of Indonesia

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