High-level launch of the holistic programme for productive capacities development (HPPCD) for Ethiopia

04 July 2023
08:30 - 17:00 hrs. Radisson Blu
Addis Ababa
, Ethiopia

The high-level launch event is part of an ongoing work of UNCTAD to support Ethiopia in fostering the country’s economy-wide productive capacities and structural economic transformation. It provides opportunities to deliberate on Ethiopia’s National Productive Capacities Gap Assessment (NPCGA) prepared by UNCTAD and its implications for fostering productive capacities in Ethiopia for structural economic transformation and achieving sustained and inclusive economic growth and development. The event is key to fostering a national consensus on the way forward to address the gaps and limitations in Ethiopia’s productive capacities, as articulated in the NPCGA. The event is expected to launch the “Holistic Programme”, as conceptualized and elaborated by UNCTAD. In this regard, it outlines the Government’s strategy to mobilize all productive resources, including through development partnerships for socioeconomic resilience-building, inclusive growth, and sustainable development in the context of the medium- to the long-term vision of the country.

Specific issues to be examined during the national event include:

  • Policy Implications of the Ethiopia Holistic Programme for Productive Capacities Development (HPPCD): Challenges, opportunities, and prospects for structural economic transformation.

  • The inter-ministerial dialogue on the HPPCD for Ethiopia, with a focus on the six (6) pillars of the Programme.

  • The role of development partnership and the alignment of donor support programmes with the HPPCD for Ethiopia.

  • The way forward in the implementation of the Ethiopian Holistic Programme: challenges and opportunities.

  • Key gaps and limitations in Ethiopia’s productive capacities as articulated in the National Productive Capacities Gap Assessment (NPCGA): Implications for evidence-based and data-driven policy formulation and implementation in Ethiopia.

The main objective of the programme is to strengthen the capacity of Ethiopia’s policymakers and entrepreneurs to build productive capacities, foster export diversification and structural transformation, and subsequently implement policies and institutional arrangements to facilitate inclusive, sustainable, and green development and prepare the country for graduation with momentum from the LDC category. This contributes to the implementation of the Ten Years Development Plan and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Participants of the national workshop will consist of senior government officials, representatives of development partners based in Ethiopia, national, regional, and international experts in the field of economic development, and representatives of the private sector and civil society, including academic institutions in Ethiopia.

04 Jul 2023
Ministry of Industry

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