How the Digital Economy Advances Creative Industries

29 April 2021
15:00 - 18:00 hrs.

Since COVID-19 has swept the world, many cultural venues have been closed, to varying degrees, in an effort to prevent the spread of the pandemic. As a result, all types of cultural activities involving the gathering of people have been subject to considerable restrictions. In this environment, digital technologies and digital infrastructure have played an important role to uphold the presentation, sharing and enjoyment of cultural works and performances. This underlines the crucial and indeed growing role of the digital support to the creative economy in the pandemic-afflicted global economy.

In the post-pandemic era, digital technologies may progressively help to upgrade and diversify traditional, contemporary and new types of cultural industries and creation.

The purpose of this Seminar is to analyze the impact of digital technologies for cultural and creative industries and to exchange views on the role these tools play in the present state of the global pandemic. It is the Seminar's objective to identify the contribution of digital cultural industries to digital economies as a whole – and vice versa.

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International Center for Creativity and Sustainable Development (ICCSD)

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Marisa Henderson, Chief, Creative Economy Programme

Carolina Quintana, Creative Economy Programme