International Conference on Belt and Road Initiative: Sharing of Policy Experiences

28 April 2019
09:00-17:00 hrs
, China

While many developing countries are still struggling with their development challenges, China has progressed rapidly in the past four decades. Its annual GDP has recorded 9.5% growth on average and has lifted over 700 million people out of poverty.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which spans around 120 countries, covering more than 60% of world’s population and implementing more than 6000 projects with a value exceeding $1 trillion, provides an opportunity to create soft linkages among BRI partner countries through knowledge sharing on polciy experinces. It can also serve as a vehicle to share policy experiences to support the implementation of the 2030 Agenda both in China and other developing countries.


In this context, UNCTAD in partnership with Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC) is organizing this International Conference as post-event of the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation hosted by China on 26th -27th April 2019.


There are two main objectives of this international conference.

1)  Sharing of Policy Experiences

The conference will bring together policymakers and experts from China and other BRI partner countries to discuss and share China’s policy experiences in the areas of trade, finance and digital economy.

The event will provide an opportunity to policymakers and experts from BRI partner countries to have in-depth discussions on how China’s successful policies can be tailored to the ground realities of other developing countries.


2)  Launch of UNCTAD’s BRI Platform

UNCTAD will launch a Platform for BRI partner countries for experience sharing, capacity building and policy shaping through peer learning among developing countries.

The BRI Platform will serve four objectives:

  • Encourage and facilitate the peer-learning of development policy experiences among developing countries, including both learning from China’s experiences and among BRI partners.

  • Provide capacity building and training for government officials and other development practitioners in developing countries particularly LDCs and African countries, upon their request.

  • Encourage policy debate including monitor global policy and agenda trend in terms of globalization and its implication for developing countries, and assist them.

  • Make evidence-based research and assessment of the impact of BRI projects on capability and policy formulation in partner countries.


The international conference will be attended by High-Level Policymakers from China and other BRI Partner countries.

It will also be attended by experts from academia, research organizations, multilateral organizations and other stakeholders.


BRI Conference

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