Launch of the Economic Development in Africa Report 2018

31 May 2018

Africa ReportThe Economic Development in Africa report analyses major aspects of Africa´s development problems and policy issues of interest to African countries.

It makes policy recommendations for action by African countries themselves and by the international community to overcome the development challenges that the continent faces.

This year's report is subtitled: Migration and Structural Transformation in Africa

The report will highlight how intra-African migration is of relevance for regional and continental integration and offer new insights for African governments as well as for migration stakeholders outside the continent.

The report will seek to remedy to knowledge gaps on the relationship between migration, economic and trade policies.

By tracing patterns of intra-African migration and channels through which they affect socio-economic development outcomes in Africa, it adopts an innovative human-centered narrative in identifying opportunities for absorption of extra labour in different sectors across the continent.


The Report is under embargo until
5 p.m. GMT on 31 May 2018


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