National consultative workshop of the Development Account 11th Tranche Project 1819H in Guatemala

21 - 23 October 2020
, Guatemala

UNCTAD together with the Ministry of Economy, the Secretariat of Planning and Programming of the Presidency of Guatemala (SEGEPLAN) and CentraRSE held a National Consultative Workshop in relation to the Development Account 11th Tranche Project titled Enabling policy frameworks for enterprise sustainability and SDG reporting in Africa and Latin America. The National Workshop took place virtually 21, 22 and 23 October 2020. 

The main objective of the Development Account project is to enable governments to develop policy frameworks on the SDG reporting by companies to strengthen the capacities to measure and monitor the private sector contribution to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda; including  to provide data on target 12.6 “Encourage companies, especially large and transnational companies, to adopt sustainable practices and to integrate sustainability information into their reporting cycle” and indicator 12.6.1. “Number of companies publishing sustainability reports.”  

The National Consultative Workshop aimed at validating findings of the implementation of UNCTAD tools in Guatemala, such as the Accounting Development Tool (ADT) and the Guidance on core indicators for entity reporting on contribution towards implementation of the SDGs (GCI), undertake discussions on sustainability/SDG reporting, and agree on a preliminary list of gaps, priorities, and recommendations to strengthen the national infrastructure for accounting and sustainability/SDG reporting.

Opening the meeting, Tatiana Krylova, Head of Enterprise Branch of UNCTAD, stated that: “There is a need to ensure consistency and comparability on sustainability/SDG reporting requirements. Recent international developments including the letter sent by CDP, CDSB, GRI, IIRC and SASB to IOSCO and the IFRS Foundation Consultation paper have stressed this need.”  During discussions, Juan Pablo Morataya, Executive Director of CentraRSE commented that: “For CentraRSE, as focal point of this initiative in Guatemala, the national workshop is an enormous opportunity to strengthen the corporate reporting system & promote sustainability reporting and measuring the contribution of the private sector to SDGs.” In addition, Ms. Isabel Garza Rodriguez from UNCTAD said that: “Multi-stakeholder cooperation is essential for the cross-cutting nature of enterprise sustainability that falls under the responsibility of different government entities and other stakeholders”. Finally, Mr Colin Banning, UNCTAD resource person, commented: “Through the ADT participants were able to identify significant improvement opportunities around: financial reporting, regulations and institutions, as well as incorporating ESG elements in the regular reporting cycle for private and public sectors.”

The meeting was attended by 48 participants from 28 key entities including institutions in charge of the implementation of the SDGs and entities involved in financial and sustainability/SDG reporting at the national level. 

Based on the list agreed, a national action plan towards regulatory, institutional, and technical capacity building to achieving high quality and comparable sustainability reporting will be developed by UNCTAD in collaboration with local and international experts. Moreover, capacity building activities on SDG reporting by companies will be conducted by UNCTAD,  using the GCI and its newly developed Training Manual. The project is also being implemented in Colombia, Kenya and South Africa. In addition, a regional workshop is planned at a later stage of the project to share good practices and lessons learned.

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There is some issue in accessing document path, Please contact to Site Admin

Ministry of Economy, Secretariat of Planning and Programming of the Presidency of Guatemala (SEGEPLAN), CentraRSE
Sponsor / funding:
United Nations Development Account

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