National validation workshop on the Vulnerability Profile of Zambia

10 - 11 October 2023
Neelkanth Sarovar Premiere Hotel
, Zambia

Zambia was identified as pre-eligible for graduation at the 2021 Triennial Review of the LDC Category by the Committee for Development Policy. According to the mandate given to it by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 59/209 of 20 December 2004, UNCTAD thereafter launched the process of preparation of Zambia’s Vulnerability Profile.

The Vulnerability Profile aims to strengthen the capacities of policymakers in beneficiary countries to better understand the implications of and plan for graduation from LDC status through the development of economically feasible strategies that also aim to minimize inequalities and address vulnerable groups within the economy. UNCTAD has finalized the first complete version of the Vulnerability Profile and shared it with Zambian stakeholders ahead of the National Validation Workshop.

The National Validation Workshop has the following aims: (i) present the findings of the Vulnerability Profile and the Impact Study of AfCFTA on Zambia’s Prospects for Structural Transformation to stakeholders of Zambia’s development, including both national actors and those from its development partners; (ii) facilitate dialogue on national vulnerabilities and structural transformation policies among Zambia’s development stakeholders and with UNCTAD; (iii) raise the awareness of private sector industry associations/enterprises as to the implications of graduation and facilitate their proactive planning of industry/firm-level actions to boost productive capacities and competitiveness; and (iv) discuss the broad elements of a national strategy for graduation with momentum.

The Workshop is expected to bring together senior government officials from various sectors, including the focal Ministry on LDC issues, the Ministry of Finance and National Planning, and line ministries, such as Commerce, Trade and Industry; Agriculture and Livestock; Green Economy and the Environment; Small and Medium Enterprise Development; Education; and Labour and Social Security. Leaders and experts from the private sector, civil society, academia, and development partners (including UN System and bilateral development partners) are also expected to attend.

05 Oct 2023
Sponsor / funding:
Development Account Project 2326E

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