National Workshop on Measuring Gender-in-Trade Statistics in Senegal

17 April - 18 July 2023
Hotel Residences Mamoune
Sacré Coeur, Dakar
, Senegal

This workshop is jointly organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in cooperation with the National Agency for Statistics and Demography (ANSD).

Day 1: UNECA and UNCTAD will present objectives of the project, conceptual framework for the measurement of gender-in-trade, and recent progress on methodological work on this topic, including results from pilots conducted in Georgia and Kazakhstan. This will be followed by a discussion of statistical production in Kenya, including production of trade data, non-trade data, and measurement of informal cross-border trade. The day will conclude with the discussion of methodology to be pursued in Senegal and the way forward.

Day 2: Key statistical experts from ANSD will work together with UNECA and UNCTAD experts to review and compile the first experimental set of gender-in-trade statistics using the micro-linking data approach. The workshop will conclude with the review of compiled data and discussion of the way forward.

Financial support for this project was provided by United Nations Development Account.

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
Sponsor / funding:
UNDA 2023 D: Data and statistics for more gender-responsive trade policies in Africa, the Caucasus and Central Asia

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