National workshop on the Seychelles STI Policy Review

25 - 28 September 2023
(GMT/UTC+4h standard time)
, Seychelles

  • What is the issue?

STI Policy Reviews require developing ownership of the partnering countries and the diverse STI stakeholders (Government agencies, private sector, academia, civil society, etc.). While a strong level of ownership exists in the main partnering agency of UNCTAD (MIEI/DSTI), other stakeholders are involved only in specific consultations related to their particular STI mandates.

  • How will this event address the issue?

The national workshop will present a complete working draft of the Seychelles STI Policy Review developed by UNCTAD for comments and feedback from a broad representation of stakeholders. Feedback will be incorporated in the final draft of the review. The event will include a capacity-building session to prepare national STI stakeholders for revising and implementing STI policy following on the Review’s recommendations.

  • What will take place?

Day 1 and 2: Capacity-building workshop on key concepts of STI policy

Day 3: National STI Policy Review Workshop

AM: Presentations on general recommendations of the Review followed by group discussions on key strategic questions:

PM: Presentations on recommendations addressing specific sectors and challenges followed by group discussions by sectors/challenges.

Day 4: Debriefing with MIEI/DSTI and discussions on way forward

  • What is the objective and intended outcome?
  • Committed ownership of the Review recommendations among broad group of stakeholders beyond MIEI/NSTI.
  • Feedback on perspectives on Review analysis and recommendations allowing for adjustment to final draft.
  • Improved capacity to revise current policy and implement succeeding STI policy.
  • Who may attend?

Government agencies, private sector, academia, civil society,

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Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI), Seychelles

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