Participation of UNCTAD in the 5th Geneva Business Dialogue - Roundtable on "Regulatory Policy in a Changing World"

28 October 2019
11:00 - 07:00 hrs. The Graduate Institute Geneva, C1, Petale 5
, Switzerland

​UNCTAD will attend and intervene in the 5th. Geneva Business Dialogue - Roundtable on "Regulatory Policy in a Changing World", organized by the International Chamber of Commerce and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services.

The roundtable is addressed at business representatives, diplomats from the Missions to the UN and other international organizations in Geneva, legal and economic practitioners.
Other speakers included a representative from the OECD Secretariat and business representatives from Microsoft, Nestle and Philip Morris International.

The questions addressed to the panelists are the following:
"The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Digitalization are reshaping everyday lives across the globe, bringing new solutions to many of our greatest challenges. But new technologies also pose a dilemma for governments and regulators.
- Best balance between strict government oversight with the need to encourage swift uptake of tools?
- Digitalization is disrupting all sectors of the economy while bringing enormous benefits. How can national governments and regulators navigate in this fast-paced environment? What role can international organizations play?
- How can the potentially harmful impact of new technologies and digitalization be reduced without stifling innovation and development?
- Can self-regulation "bridge the gap" in environments lacking global rules and enforcement?

Sponsor / funding:
International Chamber of Commerce, Switzerland

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