Private Sector Consultative Meeting on the ECOWAS E-commerce Strategy: Enabling Cross-border E-commerce in the ECOWAS Region

13 June 2022
10:00 - 12:30 hrs.

UNCTAD and the Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) are organising a Private Sector Consultative Meeting on the ECOWAS E-commerce Strategy.  

This activity will be implemented in collaboration with the Federation of West African Chamber Commerce and Industry (FEWACCI), Federation of West African Employers' Organisations (FOPAO); Federation of Businesswomen Entrepreneurs (FEBWE); and Federation of West African Manufacturers Associations (FEWAMA). 

This is the first regional meeting for the private sector held within the context of the Regional E-commerce Strategy Development Project in ECOWAS. Prior to this, consultations with the private sector took place through national consultations, the results of which are reflected in the ECOWAS Regional eTrade Readiness Assessment. The meeting aims to:

  • Present the results of the Regional eTrade Readiness Assessment for ECOWAS, and the resulting strategic orientations for the E-commerce Strategy,
  • Gather feedback from the private sector on cross-border e-commerce opportunities and challenges in the region,
  • Improve the understanding of stakeholders on the scope and purpose of the ECOWAS E-Commerce Strategy, and
  • Strengthen public-private sector dialogue on e-commerce in the region.

The Regional E-commerce Strategy Development project in ECOWAS is supported by the Government of the Netherlands as part of the UNCTAD’s eT Ready Implementation Support Mechanism (ISM).

ECOWAS Commission
Sponsor / funding:
The Netherlands

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Ina Hodge, Programme Management Officer, Digital Economy Capacity Building Section, E-commerce and Digital Economy Branch, UNCTAD