Regional workshop on coherent strategies for productive capacities development in African least developed countries

12 - 13 October 2022
Four Points By Sheraton
Dar es Salaam
, United Republic of Tanzania

The workshop will bring together officials from selected African countries, representatives of the private sector, partner implementing agencies, and international experts to:

  • Discuss challenges and opportunities associated with developing coherent strategies for developing productive capacities;
  • Identify recommendations on possible measures and options to address existing constraints on productive capacities development;
  • Share best practices and experiences in formulating and implementing holistic and coherent approaches to productive capacities development amongst government officials and stakeholders;
  • Draw lessons for the three project beneficiary countries (Burkina Faso, Rwanda and Tanzania) from the experiences of non-LDCs in Africa as well as non-African countries that have successfully developed productive capacities.

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18 Sep 2023

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Ministry of Investment, Industry and Trade of the United Republic of Tanzania and REPOA, Tanzania
Sponsor / funding:
12th Tranche UN Development Account Project

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Mr. Patrick Osakwe

Chief, Trade, Poverty and Inequalities Branch