Think2030 conference: Circular economy in aid of global recovery panel

17 November 2020
10:00 - 18:00 hrs.


The future transition to a more circular economy in the EU will inevitably impact trade and, through trade, socio-economic development at a global scale. Furthermore, the success of EU’s circular endeavours will depend on how EU’s trade partner countries react and respond to the policy measures taken by the EU. This is now all happening against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is having a major impact on world’s supply chains and related trade patterns. This Think2030 session identifies trends and COVID-19 impacts in global and EU trade flows, with focus on sectors identified in the EU CEAP. Building on this, the session explores how EU trade policy can support sustainable action on circular economy as part of the EU and also third country recovery plans.

The event, Think2030 is an evidence-based, non-partisan platform of leading policy experts from European think tanks, civil society, the private sector and local authorities. The platform meets at least once every two years for a high-level conference to discuss and present the outcomes of the collaborative work. The first Think2030 conference took place in Brussels on 17-18 October 2018. The 2020 edition “Harnessing the European Green Deal to address the Climate Crisis: Anticipating Risks, Fostering Resilience” will take place online 16 – 17 November, co-organised by the Ecologic Institute, IEEP and the TMG Think Tank.


The session aims to identify key challenges, solutions to overcome the challenges and key policy recommendations for facilitating circular economy as a part of EU trade policy to boost green recovery. These points will be fed into the plenary session of the Think 2030 conference and the synthesis outcome document of the event.

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