Trade House event at COP28: Stock exchanges and climate action - Financing the net zero transition

Trade House event at COP28: Stock exchanges and climate action - Financing the net zero transition
04 December 2023
09:00 - 10:00 hrs. Expo City, Trade House Pavilion [LIVE STREAM]
, United Arab Emirates

Stock exchanges play a crucial role in the innovation of financial solutions that bolster climate-positive initiatives and the adoption of business practices encourage greater climate action among companies.

Through the development of climate-aligned products, services, and regulations, exchanges hold a pivotal role in enhancing the climate resilience of their markets.

Exchanges also assume significant importance in facilitating the adoption of new climate-aligned standards and the dissemination of climate-related information across financial markets and they can contribute to their transformation towards a net-zero future by implementing guidelines, benchmarks, and educational initiatives.

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  • Ms. Tiffany Grabski, SSE Academy Head (Moderator), UNCTAD SSE


  • Ms. Mardi Mcbrien, Chief of Strategic Affairs & Capacity Building, IFRS
  • Ms. Laetitia Hamon, Head of Sustainable Finance, LuxSE
  • Ms. María Ariza, CEO, BIVA, Mexico
  • Ms. Kris Nathanail-Brighton, Chief of Staff, IOSCO
  • Ms. Alicia Kedzierski, Head of Department, ESG
  • Mr. Francesco d’Archirafi, Group Chairman, Euroclear
  • Mr. Brian Matt, Head of ESG Advisory, NYSE, USA
  • Mr. Ahmed El Sheikh, Chair, EGX, Egypt
  • Mr. Mohammed Al Rumaih, CEO, Saudi Exchange, Saudi Arabia


Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initaitive (UN partnership program with UNCTAD), Global Compact, UNEP and PRI

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