Training Course for the Preparation of Goods Negotiations

26 - 28 November 2019
, Singapore

Trade negotiations and preferential trade agreements are an important element of present trade policies. The objective of this training course is to strengthen the capacity of trade negotiators for goods negotiations, including non-tariff measures (NTMs). Trade negotiations are among the most complex negotiations.

Throughout the training course, in interactive sessions, participants will learn about new developments in negotiation analysis through role-based negotiation exercises. The seminar covers techniques for analyzing the structure of bi- and multilateral negotiations, methods for assessing bargaining power in asymmetric conflict situations, and procedures for fair negotiations. Negotiation analysis helps to structure negotiations and to visualize conflicts in order to deal with them constructively.

The session trains goods negotiations from the set-up of the institutional structure and initial offers to the consolidated schedule.


The three principal objectives of the module are:

  • ​Provide an overview of goods negotiations, including NTMs 
  • Provide tools and trainings to structure and deal with complex negotiations 
  • Sharing experiences from goods negotiations, and provide data and statistical sources to use for the preparation of goods negotiations. 

This course will be led by UNCTAD and Singapore experts.

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The Ministry Of Trade And Industry, Singapore



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