Training sessions on core SDG indicators for entity reporting in Guatemala

19 - 26 July 2021
, Guatemala

UNCTAD, the Ministry of Economy of Guatemala and CentraRSE organized online capacity building activities on core SDG indicators. The trainings took place on 19, 21, 22 and 26 of July 2021 and were based on UNCTAD’s "Guidance on core indicators for entity reporting on contribution towards implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (GCI)" and the "Core SDG Indicators for Entity Reporting – Training Manual". 

The GCI contains 33 core SDG indicators. The training sessions were divided in 4 areas i.e., economic, environmental, social and institutional indicators. Each training session provided an introduction to the importance of the indicator area, followed by the presentation of each indicator and its definition, measurement methodology, potential sources of information and examples of how it is measured. In addition, during the last training session 3 GCI case studies from companies in Guatemala were presented. The presentation highlighted challenges in reporting certain indicators and lessons learned and recommendations to facilitate the implementation of all indicators of the GCI.

The trainings were attended by 124 participants from companies, accountancy practitioners, universities, regulators, key institutions involved in the implementation of the SDGs, and institutions involved in financial and non-financial reporting at the national level.

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There is some issue in accessing document path, Please contact to Site Admin

Ministry of Economy of Guatemala, CentraRSE
Sponsor / funding:
United Nations Development Account

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