UNCTAD / ISO-COPOLCO / Consumers International Joint Webinar - Using standards as a tool for consumer protection

08 April 2020
11:00 - 07:00 hrs. VIRTUAL

​UNCTAD held its first joint webinar in collaboration with ISO-COPOLCO and Consumers International (CI) on “using standards as a tool for consumer protection” on 8 April 2020. This was a joint initiative within the Working Group on Consumer protection in E-commerce. The webinar was hosted by ISO/COPOLCO and moderated by UNCTAD.

The speakers from the ISO Committee on Consumer Policy (ISO/COPOLCO) briefly introduced COPOLCO’s work on standards and consumer protection; and provided examples of cases and good practices. The CI representative explained some of the standards related to e-commerce, which are developed or currently being developed by ISO at the behest of  ISO/COPOLCO and can benefit consumers. Representatives from a national standards institute and an NGO working in this field provided practical experiences on how standards bodies and civil society work with consumer agencies.

The event brought together standards experts and consumer agencies’ representatives to inform both communities about the work of COPOLCO and the standards it promotes.
Consumers International
Sponsor / funding:
UNCTAD and ISO/COPOLCO Secretariat

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Documents: The presentations and report of the webinar are available on the ISO Portal.