UNCTAD - World Bank joint event on the (Un)seen impact of Non-Tariff Measures

23 - 26 June 2023
Room XXVII (23 June) & Room XXVI (26 June)
Palais des Nations, Geneva, and online

The trading system is undergoing a significant transformation due to changing economic and geopolitical dynamics, with non-tariff measures being used as instruments in driving this shift. Panellists will discuss how non-tariff measures are shaping the new trade policy landscape and will explore their role in advancing non-trade objectives.

Since 2015 UNCTAD and the World Bank have been working together to collect non-tariff measures (NTM) data. In 2018 the institutions launched the NTM database, which covers the top 25 importing countries of the world. This comprehensive database provides information on the rules and regulations pertaining to the imports of these countries at a detailed product level with respect to each of their trading partner. Given that tariffs have been declining for most countries since the 1990s, the policy role of NTMs in affecting trade is becoming ever more important. The NTM database is accessible through the UNCTAD trainsonline website and through the World Bank World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS), and has been widely used since its launch 5 years ago.

Against this backdrop, the panel discussions and keynote will:

  • Highlight the importance of non-tariff measures
  • Build awareness of their impact on international trade
  • Introduce the UNCTAD and World Bank “top-25 Traders NTM Database”
  • Showcase the latest rigorous and policy relevant research
  • Launch a new campaign to fully update the “top-25 Traders NTM Database”


Friday, 23rd June 2023 ¦ 1:15 to 3 p.m. ¦ Room XXVII
Panel discussion on Non-Tariff Measures, Standards and Barriers Through a Gender Lens

Monday, 26th June 2023 ¦ 1:15 to 3 p.m. ¦ Room XXVI
Keynote Address and Panel Discussion on The Evolving Role of Non-Tariff Measures in the Trading System
Keynote Speaker: Chad Bown, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Monday, 26th June 2023 ¦ 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 3.30 to 5.30 p.m. ¦ Room VIII (morning) and XXVI (afternoon)
Technical Workshops
Morning and afternoon technical workshops will feature six policy papers that draw on the UNCTAD-World Bank data to shed light on the trade impact of NTMs.


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