Webinar on empowering women as consumers: Bridging trade, gender and consumer protection

Webinar on empowering women as consumers: Bridging trade, gender and consumer protection
08 March 2024
14:30 - 16:00 hrs.

Understanding the specific challenges faced by women as consumers and entrepreneurs is crucial to empower women in the market.

Vulnerabilities arise from insufficient knowledge or resources to navigate complex regulatory environments, often placing businesswomen at a disadvantage. Technical gaps due to lack of understanding for or access to the latest technologies can hinder the ability of women-led SMEs to compete effectively.

Disadvantages in bargaining power are illustrated by the often-limited negotiating capacity of women against larger suppliers or customers, impacting their ability to secure favorable terms as businesses and consumers.

Empowering women as consumers and entrepreneurs requires conscious efforts by policymakers and society to recognize and mitigate gender biases encountered in the marketplace.

This webinar aims to explore the synergies between trade, gender, and consumer protection, offering insights into how to leverage consumer rights and improve women business resilience and growth.


  • Highlight the importance of gender in the context of trade and consumer
  • Share practical knowledge on how women-led SMEs can use consumer rights to protect and empower their businesses.
  • Explore the impact of strong B2C relations on economic inclusion and the broader

Target Audience:

  • Consumer experts, consumer rights advocates
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Policy makers and government officials in trade, gender, and consumer protection
  • Academics and students interested in gender studies, trade, and consumer
  • NGOs and international organizations working on women’s economic empowerment and consumer protection.

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