Webinar on the World Investment Report 2024: Focus on Africa

Webinar on the World Investment Report 2024: Focus on Africa
28 June 2024
11:00 - 12:00 hrs. Addis Ababa, UTC+3 / 10:00 - 11:00 hrs. Geneva, UTC+2

The World Investment Report (WIR) supports policymakers by monitoring global and regional foreign direct investment (FDI) and sustainable finance trends, and by documenting national and international investment policy developments.

The World Investment Report 2024 documents how the continuing global and regional crises, trade tensions and tighter financing conditions affected foreign direct investment flows in 2023. In particular, the report highlights that stagnant SDG investment severely hinders the fulfilment of the 2030 Agenda's objectives.

The webinar on WIR 2024 will discuss latest trends and developments in regional and global investment policy, as it relates to the African continent.

The webinar will bring together different stakeholders from Africa, as well as those from outside the continent with an interest in investment flows, sustainable finance trends and investment policy developments in Africa. Target participants include African investment promotion agencies, financial institutions, international organizations, development partners, academia and civil society.

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(UNCTAD/WIR/2024 (Overview)) -  20 Jun 2024
Investment facilitation and digital government
(UNCTAD/WIR/2024) -  20 Jun 2024
18 Jun 2024
19 Jun 2024
Amelia Santos Paulino, Chief of Investment Research Section
28 Jun 2024

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